Break free of limitations you’ve placed on yourself

One to One Coaching

Unlearning old habits, thought patterns and behaviors can be tough- but you’ve got everything you need to do it. Working one-to-one with a coach will help you pull out that natural resilience and know-how you have inside that will be key tools you’ll use in rewriting your story. Let’s get started today!

Benefits of having a coaching relationship:

  • Increased self- confidence

  • better decision-making

  • Self-awareness- which helps you manage emotions and live more intentionally

  • Achieving balance

  • Create your happiness- happiness is created, not found. Learn how to do that within the safe space of your coaching relationship

  • Accountability- your coach will hold you accountable for doing what you say you will do- which moves you forward in a supporting and loving way

  • Rewrite your story- learn how to remove limiting beliefs and how to use past experiences to fuel your purpose

Email Coaching.

Think you don’t have time? Email coaching (e-coaching) is a convenient and safe way for anyone that is bust, has social anxiety, and is a great first step into the world of coaching support.

Advantages of Email Coaching

  • Reach out via email and receive up to five email replies per week, Monday-Friday

  • You’ll receive personal responses from me within 24 hours

  • A much more affordable alternative to phone or video coaching

  • You are able to email whenever it is most convenient for you; no appointment needed

  • You have more time to gather your thoughts- no pressure!

  • A perfect solution for brainstorming and strategizing your career and life questions, decisions and dilemmas


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