Is Coaching Right For Me?

Benefits of having a coaching relationship:

  • Increased self- confidence

  • Better decision-making

  • Self-awareness- which helps you manage emotions and live more intentionally

  • Achieving balance

  • Create your happiness- happiness is created, not found. Learn how to do that within the safe space of your coaching relationship

  • Accountability- your coach will hold you accountable for doing what you say you will do- which moves you forward in a supporting and loving way

  • Rewrite your story- learn how to remove limiting beliefs and how to use past experiences to fuel your purpose

Your Relationship With You

Society would have you feel bad about being single. Some people feel they’re too old, damaged goods, not attractive enough……all lies. Let’s work together in building the most important relationship you will have- the one with yourself. Discover who you are outside of the expectations of others, and learn to love you!

Purpose Driven Goal Setting

Finding your purpose involves finding out who you really are- what your strengths are, what you value, the lessons you’ve learned from your experiences- and using all of that information to transform your life from one of living on auto-pilot to living each day with purpose. The way to ensure that your dreams are fulfilled is through planning and goal setting. Learn how to let go of limiting beliefs that are holding you back, and learn set meaningful goals that will push you forward!

Career Coaching

If you’re in the market for a job, looking to change careers, brush up your resume, or looking to make a move from your current gig, you can learn to build your confidence, make valuable connections, set goals and be on your way to a finding fulfillment in your work.

Career coaching can help you with resume building, networking, interviewing and negotiating your value in the workplace.

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