Speaking your truth is much more important than catering to someone else’s lie.

We spend so much time being there for others- don't forget to show yourself some love! That could be working on your dreams, eating healthy- whatever it is that helps you live your purpose. Show up for you!.

Nicole White, Certified Life Purpose Coach

How did my story develop? With all of the above listed traumas, aside from divorce and domestic violence (not my own illness, but growing up with illness around me).

Through this time of singledom, I have invested in my personal development, and have been able to heal from much of the trauma I experienced in my life (still on my journey though. I don’t claim perfection.)

I have been manipulated, lied on, used, diminished, called ugly, was rejected, invisible- within my family and with “fake friends” in high school.

Fast forward to adulthood and much of the same patterns repeated themselves in the workplace- manipulation, character assassination, psychological abuse, sabotage- you name it.

Now I’m passionate about using my story, education and experiences to help others who are struggling in the same ways I did.

Invest in the most important relationship you’ll ever have- the one with that person in the mirror. The results will be the best return on investment (of your time and energy) you will see.

Relationships today struggle because people are dependent on others to make them happy, to complete them. They live a life manufactured by those around them, never really discovering who they are and what they love.

I want to see you win! You are not other people’s labels- you are whatever YOU define yourself to be. Let this be the last day you let society or people in your life stop you from fulfilling your destiny.


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